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The analysis about industry economy to run of sewing machine in 2009

Release time:2011-09-29

The first quarter of 2009, quickened slowdown of the world economy, the economic development of our country under the impact of the financial crisis become more and more obvious, the industry downturn trend is still continuing, enterprise profit tightened further, development of the industry is facing challenges.
Basic situation
According to the China Sewing Machinery Association Information Department for the 96 major sewing machine production enterprise's statistics, the first quarter of this year, China Sewing machinery industry development continued in 2008 the downward trend, yield, the index such as profit year-on-year drop considerably, export more obvious contraction trend.
1 main index continued to decline
During the first quarter, China Sewing machine industry accumulative total finishs gross value of industrial output 1800000000 yuan, drop compared to the same period 52.28%, than 2008 the corresponding period was increased by 41 percentage points; industrial sales output value of 1900000000 yuan, down 51%, or an increase of 39 percentage points; industrial added value of 500000000 yuan, drops 54.51% compared to the same period, decline in growth of 35 percent; achieves product sales revenue 1900000000 yuan, down 47.09%, or an increase of 34 percentage points; amount of implementation profit tax 120000000 yuan, drops 72.50% compared to the same period, or an increase of 24 percentage points; a total profit of 50000000 yuan, down 74%, or an increase of 15 percentage points, continuous more than a year of decline trend in this year a quarter continued to drop in, all kinds of index more than 40 percentage points.
2 sales continued full contraction
The first quarter of this year, China's total production of sewing machine 1070000, drop compared to the same period 33.93%, wherein, household sewing machine 410000, drop compared to the same period 3.41%; industrial sewing machine 640000, drops 43.72% compared to the same period, garment machinery 20000, drops 51.81% compared to the same period. Cumulative sales of sewing machine 1020000, drop compared to the same period 41.73%, wherein, household sewing machine 450000, drop compared to the same period 0.35%; industrial sewing machine 580000, drops 52.16% compared to the same period; garment machinery 20000, drops 58.02% compared to the same period.
During the production, household machines are significantly better than the industrial machine. Among them, the production of ordinary household sewing machine 81700, drops 4.04% compared to the same period; multifunction household sewing machine 337500, drops 3.16% compared to the same period.
Industrial machine, in addition to sealing machine, sewing machine, other models yield will continue to decline. Among them, the production sealing machine 42300 Taiwan, an increase of 43.95%; dark sewing machine 13800, grow 2.35% compared to the same period; high-speed sewing machine 294700, drops 39.34% compared to the same period; thick material sewing machine 17300, drops 39.86% compared to the same period; high-speed packet sewing machine 90000, drops 53.05% compared to the same period; medium-speed overlock sewing machine 17400, 64.59% year-on-year decline; sewing machine 34600, drops 46.34% compared to the same period; buttonhole machine 1340, drops 51.22% compared to the same period; Dingkou machine 5637, drops 49.25% compared to the same period; zigzag sewing machine 16900, drops 28.82% compared to the same period; 10800 double needle machine, drops 60.28% compared to the same period; single head embroidery machine 1200, drops 64.67% compared to the same period; embroidery machine 2107, drops 31.91% compared to the same period; with electric control device for sewing machine 61300, drops 54.74% compared to the same period.
3 import and export trade is greatly reduced
According to the General Administration of customs statistics, in 2009 one quarter of China Sewing Machinery (not including sewing the front, sewing equipment ) and spare parts import and export trade amounted to $260000000, compared to the same period last year dropped 39.53%, total trade was in decline. Including: export 220000000 dollar, than the same period last year dropped 36.69%, than 2008 the corresponding period was increased by 40 percentage points; import 40000000 dollar, than the same period last year dropped by 57.47%, an increase of 16 percentage points.
The first quarter of this year, China Sewing machinery imports continue to shrink, imports amounting to more than 50 percentage points. According to customs statistics, in 2009 13, China Sewing machinery and spare parts imported $40000000 in total, 57.47% year-on-year decline. Among them, the sewing sewing machine import 12700, drops 65.35% compared to the same period, imports amounted to 20000000 US dollars, down 55.83%; embroidery machine import 59, drops 62.18% compared to the same period, imports amounted to 1280000 US dollars, down 84.40%; household sewing machine import 5600000, imports amounted to 50000 US dollars, down 97.22% and 74.88%; industrial sewing machine import 12100, imports amounted to 20930000 US dollars, down 26.60% and 50.17%. Imports of sewing machine parts and components for $13450000, down 59.93%. Imported products, household machine imports decreased significantly, export amount and amount drop extent all is in 70% above.
Main characteristics
1 industrial machine exports hit
Enter 2009, industry development ushered in more severe challenges. With the global expansion of the financial crisis, the international textile and garment industry in a short period of time down trend intensified, the international market demand for sewing machines marked atrophy, domestic sewing machinery exports over 9 years of continuous growth, a substantial decline, fell to 30 percentage points above, export power shortage.
According to the General Administration of customs statistics, in 2009 1-3 month of China's sewing machine export 1600000, drops 29.35% compared to the same period, the export volume of 200000000 U.S. dollars, down 35.74%, or an increase of 37 percentage points. Among them: embroidery machine export 9405, drops 22.99% compared to the same period, the export volume of 70000000 U.S. dollars, down 12.89%; household sewing machine export 1230000, drops 22.02% compared to the same period, the export volume of 60000000 U.S. dollars, down 24.23%; industrial sewing machine export 360000, drops 46.76% compared to the same period, the export volume of 70000000 U.S. dollars, down 53.05%. Sewing machine parts exports 20000000 U.S. dollars, down 43.41%. Various types of products to more than 20 percentage drop in an accelerated decline.
The various types of products, industrial sewing machine export slump is obvious. After 2004, with the world textile and garment industry development and China's industrial sewing machine product quality enhancement, over the years the export has maintained a high growth momentum. This trend, in turning, a quarter of China's industrial sewing machine exports fell more than 50%, the market had lost nearly half, export growth, export slow-moving suffered embarrassment. Domestic production and therefore suffers an effect greatly, industrial output dropped by 43 percentage points.
The 2 industry value chain to rebound slightly
Exit glides quickly, major industry economic index substantially diving, making the pace of development of the industry has repeatedly stalled, industrial dimensions ceaseless atrophy, enterprises on the market is also expected to fall again.
However, the market situation is not ideal still has some good news to. Since the second half of 2008, the Chinese government continuously raised the export tax rebate rate, introduced ten major revitalization of planning a number of positive policy, a series of macro-control measures on the upstream and the development of the industry to produce a certain degree of positive impact. 2009 1-3 month, accumulative total of our country textile and clothing exports of $34062000000, compared with the same period in 2008 decreased by 9.03%, and two months before the 14.54% decline in ease, compared with March data for several months before the rebound. Warmer in the industry pull move below, China Sewing machine industry in the first quarter also shows slight policy trend of warmer.
Since the beginning of 2008, production value of industry of industry of the monthly average of less than 1, basically show the monthly downward trend, in 2008 September December, production value of industry of short-term higher resilience, to 2009 January, February March exports dropped down again, in the premise of policy factors, industry production value chain pulling back slightly. But attention is required, although a few months before the March data to rebound, but compared with the same period in 2008 still have relatively drop substantially, at present industry situation is still grim.
3 home machine is worth looking forward to warmer
The first quarter of 2009, in national policy and local government support, part of migrant workers, the disabled from the office of the flexible sewing workshop, led to a market for household machines, particularly multifunctional household demand increase. On the other hand, as the industry association and the enterprises of household machine popularization deepening, with DIY consciousness white-collar, sewing plot strong retired on household sewing machine demand also increases gradually.
The first 3 months of this year, China's 97 enterprises of household sewing machine accumulative output compared to the same period in 2008 fell by only 3.41%, far less than the industrial machines and garment machinery of the decline, and in March the same month output compared to the same period there was an increase of 1.73%, multifunctional household machine per month year-on-year, a 5.96% increase, household machine production slightly warmer trend evident.
Existing problems
In 2009, from the macroeconomic situation, in the period of adjustment of the China Sewing machinery industry development is still facing many pressures, even in the first half of the year will be more difficult than the same period in 2008.
1 serious shortage of demand
The domestic market mass recovery confidence, while overseas markets once again a lack of orders, as most joint enterprises and heart disease. There is no order, what does the enterprise rely on to live? At the beginning of 2009 sewing machine market, compared to previous years to many deserted. The year after, most enterprises have to make the decision more holiday, to relieve temporary predicament. The " five one" period, in previous years, in 7 days long, only two or three days off sewing machine companies this year has changed the normal, the cancellation of the golden week after Labor Day on the holiday.
2 capital problem of the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises
The financing of small and medium-sized enterprises, has been a long-standing problem. Since 2008, the State Development Bank continue to increase loans to small businesses give aid to strength, but because of various reasons, small and medium-sized joint enterprises and financing still has not been solved.
On one hand, the enterprises in the industry adjustment period appeared to manage risk in bank lending is relatively cautious; on the other hand, credit system is not perfect also led to the enterprise" for help without the door", small and medium-sized enterprises and then sewn loans often lack of collateral or the right guarantee mechanism. While the loans lending procedures, relatively cumbersome, from loans to lend again, it normally takes 10 days, even more than a month, in the current economic situation, the enterprise financing is one disaster after another seam machine.
In 3 a large number of second-hand equipment shock of new markets
From 2008 to early 2009, in the clothing industry adjustment tide, a number of small and medium-sized garment enterprises gradually withdraw from the industry stage, which caused the sale of second-hand machine upsurge. In 2009, the financial crisis make large and medium-sized garment enterprises have to tighten their purse, suspend the acquisition of new equipment, thrift crisis. The main market purchase demand concentrated in low-grade sewing machine, and this would lead to a relatively cheaper second-hand equipment market is hot, new market therefore got not little impact.
On 2009, China Sewing machinery industry hope and risk coexist.
Domestic demand, with the country's financial credit gradually relaxed, as well as various tax, trade, encourage measure carry out and fulfil, China Sewing machine industry macroeconomic environment warmer has formed, by labor, raw materials and other production factors price inflation and fiscal tightening and other factors led to the industry to manage the burden will be reduced. In addition, in the country of 4 trillion yuan investment and textile and other related industry revitalization planning effective stimulation and promote, the domestic market demand is expected to gradually resume; but we must notice, demand for short-term policy efforts is limited after all. From a quarter of garment industry data shows, clothing production did not pick up considerably, and the subsequent lack of power, domestic warmer sustained effect can insist on how long we can make nothing of it.
The export side, in the international financial crisis, the international demand downward trend is still very apparent, a short period of time will also continue, exit still faced declining trend. China Sewing machinery product exports foreground still nots allow hopeful inside year. But as India, Latin America, Africa and other emerging market further development, industry overseas market demand may also gradually recovered to a certain extent.
It is in this case, the first half of 2009 industry under operating pressure may be even greater than 2008. But from the view of industry full of hope, by this opportunity, accelerate the upgrading of products and the industrial structure adjustment, the launch of a new round of development. In any case, China Sewing machine industry through one year adjustment training, crisis response capacity has been greatly enhanced, the adjustment measures have been gradually put in place, as long as the firm confidence, to break through the predicament of industry in.
To sum up, in 2009 the industry gross industrial production and total output relative to 2008 will likely appear flat phenomenon; and export, fast growing emerging market is entirely possible to alleviate the Europe and the United States market further the effects of atrophy, export industry is expected to approximate in 2008, export volume is expected to be close to $1400000000.
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