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The sewing machine of China has a huge potential for development in India

Release time:2011-09-29

India textile and garment industry rapid development, as the sewing machinery enterprises to provide new business opportunities. From Europe and America received orders to increase, thus increasing demand for textile and garment machinery. In recent years, many India textile garment factory from China to import large quantities of textile and garment machinery. At present, India has 1/3 garment machinery from china.
As the world's second largest textile and garment production in the country, India has a population of 1300000000 strong consumption capacity, with the loose international trade environment and the rapid development of the market, huge market potential, make its become the China Sewing machinery industry collective develop international market preferred. In recent years, the clothing industry unceasing development caused the attention of all countries in the world. India's textile industry has 35000000 of the employed population in employment, to agriculture, especially in the 2005 Chinese clothing products in Europe and the United States market restriction, India to further expand exports to Europe and the us.
The development of the apparel industry, will drive the development of the downstream industry. But in India, as the garment industry in the upstream industry sewing machinery industry did not show a corresponding growth rate. India sewing machinery manufacturing industry foundation is more fragile, domestic sewing machine manufacturer most of the production of household machines, industrial sewing machine production capacity is not worth badly. In addition, India sewing machinery industry has not formed a complete industrial chain, parts and components mainly depends on import.
India is currently no large-scale sewing machinery manufacturing industry, only a few do parts of the enterprise, so, the India clothing enterprise's equipment is mainly dependent on imports. From ten years ago, India textile garment industry already began from Germany, France, Switzerland imports machinery, to improve the existing production conditions, enhance productivity, imports of textile and garment machinery is mainly of weaving and garment machine, used mainly for large textile and garment factory equipment renewal. In recent years, many India textile garment factory from China to import large quantities of textile and garment machinery. At present, India has 1 / 3 of the garment machinery from china.
China Sewing machine industry to open up markets in India already had 10 years of time, through continuous service improvement, in India has made a certain status, but no limit to the price war may cause the India market confusion, thus put an end to China's sewing equipment market in India. The Indonesian market can serve as a warning, in the Indonesian market, once a common sewing machine has sold 50 dollars, plus transportation fee and other cost of sales, almost equal to the sewing machine for scrap processing, so now many domestic counterparts are also gradually withdrew from the market in indonesia.
On deeper administrative levels, Southeast Asia garment export industry in the world has accounted for a large proportion, Chinese exports in Southeast Asia sewing equipment prices significantly lower than the domestic price, the local garment enterprises will certainly profit from, and then to China apparel export industry bring enormous pressure. China Sewing machinery products in addition to domestic several backbone enterprises in the upstream, mostly in middle position. The export of India sewing equipment products mainly ordinary sewing machine and sewing machine, industrial machine exports accounted for 90%, the technological content of products and value-added generally low.
China Sewing equipment manufacturing enterprises in India to" dig gold", depending on their ability to regulate behavior, safeguard the stability of the market and fair competition. And avoid price war occurred frequently, in addition to the peer mutual restriction, need more domestic sewing equipment manufacturing enterprise the breakthrough product homogenization circle, product differentiation, serialization of the road, and constantly improve the technological content of their products, enhance the image of "made in China"," made in China" to maintain the dignity of.
In the India market, Chinese enterprises also start pushing some new mechanical and electrical integration products, these new products also appears in the India variety show. Although at present the block sale is not much. But the space is very large, is expected to market in India has erupted.
In addition, India's conditions for new products to enter the market with a huge space. According to the statistics of relevant departments: over the past 10 years, an average annual increase of 5.5% of India 's electricity needs, but the increase is 12%. Our country to cope with the increase of national electric power demand, an annual increase of 20000 8000 MW of electricity, but India power increases the volume of only 4500 mw. The government of India and even ordered shops each week holidays at least one day, the factory only two classes of employees started. In the face of energy crisis, clothing enterprises should consider the purchase of high speed, high efficiency of energy saving equipment, to ensure product delivery. China's clothing industry in recent years the mechanical and electrical integration of product development trend, also make domestic sewing equipment manufacturing enterprises to see the new products in the India market development potential.
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