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Release time:2011-09-29

The 2009 China International Sewing Equipment Exhibition ( CISMA2009 )
Event date: 2009-09-22 -- 2009-09-24
Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center
Organizer: China Sewing Machinery Association
Contact person:
Phone: 86-10-65211282, 65242231
Fax: 86-10-65135820
Web site: http: / / / index / index.asp
Exhibition introduction [ ]
The 2009 China International Sewing Equipment Exhibition ( CISMA2009 )
Time: September 22, 2009 - 24 days
, location: Shanghai New International Expo Center
Host: China Sewing Machinery Association.
Support: China Garment Association
Contractor:, China Sewing Machinery Association Exhibition Center
Shanghai Hualian sewing equipment limited company
Organizer: China Sewing Machinery Association
China Sewing Machinery Association ( formerly known as the China Sewing Machine Association ) was founded in 1984, it is by the China Sewing machine industry in the production, sale, scientific research, teaching, service and other enterprises, institutions and local industry organizations composed of voluntary community groups, government under the guidance of the industry organization, industry coordination management take full responsibility.
China Sewing Machinery Association is to safeguard the interests of the whole trade, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests as its mission, to promote industry health, develop continuously for the target, in order to adhere to the enterprise, industry, government service for the purpose, implement national industry policy, industry to carry out investigation and study, the formulation of industry development plan, stimulative industry structural adjustment, revised product quality standards, organization of industry science and technology exchange, collect information industry economic, cultivate professional market, assist enterprises to develop new markets, regulating competition behavior of the enterprise, establish industry early warning mechanism, the reflecting member reasonable requirements.
China Sewing Machinery Association has a member 343, throughout the country. The association of the highest authority is the general assembly, Council member in the Congress is not in session Leaders Association work. Association under the market working committee, Committee on science and technology as well as the home of committee of major of machine parts, professional committee, commerce committee. In the association under the unified organization and coordination, according to the professional division of work. The standing body of the association secretariat is located in Beijing, the association is responsible for the daily work, the Secretariat Office is set inside, business department, information department, treasury department.
Support unit: China Garment Association
China Garment Association was founded in 1991, is China's garment industry self-discipline, non-profit, national industry organization. China Garment Association to promote the development of China's garment industry development for the purpose, for the government, industry, society and fashion industry related services.
The Secretariat under the office, members of the Department, industry department, information department, exhibition department, liaison department, separate Mens, ladies, children's clothing, down clothing and products, casual wear, apparel, clothing accessories, underwear eight professional committee, and with the National Standardization Technical Committee apparel, industrial economy research institute and Beijing Fashion Exhibition International Exhibition Limited company and other professional bodies.
China Garment Association have backbone enterprises more than 1400 members, including most of the original brand in china. In addition, China garment city town was appointed director of the Association unit, and jointly promote the development of industrial clusters, Chinese clothing association service object to reach tens of thousands of households.
China Garment Association to enhance industry quality as its own mission, is committed to the adjustment of industrial structure and the growth mode innovation, increase in the original Chinese clothing brand cultivation, construction and improve the basis, with the focus on the downstream industry and between enterprises and government communication and coordination, and quicken the steps of international cooperation, and strive for the Chinese clothing enterprise development to create a good atmosphere.
China Garment Association are the major work: the intellectual property rights, strengthen the social responsibility of supervision, against unfair competition, and develop the line about, regulation of the industry, and safeguard the interests of industry; research and industrial development and tendency of the market, participate in the formulation of industry development strategy planning, advises the government on policy and legislative proposals, to provide information and advisory services; promote scientific and technological progress, to promote the informatization construction, organizations of all types of personnel education and training, encourage enterprises to take the road of independent innovation; involved in the preparation, revision of the national industry standard, and implement the organization; organization brand at home and abroad show, to assist enterprises to foreign market development; development of industrial safety investigation, the timely release of early warning information organization of industry; international dialogue, begin industry diplomacy, to strengthen economic cooperation and exchanges, promote international cooperation.
Highlights of the exhibition
The nineteen contained a mature brand
After nineteen years of accumulation, CISMA has developed to become the world's sewing equipment industry exhibition in second, second only to the IMB exhibition in germany. In recent years, as the adjustment of world industrial structure and transfer, China 's sustained and rapid economic growth, CISMA obtained the rapid development, scale and the increasing influence, attract domestic and foreign counterparts are actively involved and enthusiastic attention. At present, CISMA already has a large influence in the international, domestic and foreign buyers to become the main channel of domestic sewing equipment, sewing equipment manufacturers display products for export, the main platform.
The CISMA2007 scale reached 80500 square meters, attracted come from 19 countries and regions more than 230 overseas enterprises and more than 850 domestic enterprises exhibitors. During the four days exhibition there are from 72 countries and regions, 38399 people visited the exhibition.
A mature brand support, in the "competition, collaboration, span " theme, CISMA2005 fully demonstrated by the sewing clothing the entire chain, representing the world sewing equipment development direction and the highest level.
The International Exhibition
The CISMA internationalization is reflected in three aspects: the internationalization, exhibitors internationalization and the international audience.
CISMA as a well-known international brand, attract a large number of overseas exhibitors. CISMA2005 exhibitors, overseas exhibitors accounted for all 21.3% of the total number of exhibitors.
A large number of professional and overseas visitors are attracted to make light of travelling a thousand li, across the ocean to visit procurement CISMA2005. In the CISMA2005 receive professional audience, 3852 from overseas, grew 39.6% last year compared to the same period.
A high degree of internationalization makes CISMA become be worthy of the name of international exhibitions, join CISMA, have the opportunity to work with overseas buyers face-to-face business negotiations, for orders.
The sewing machinery industry well-known enterprises exhibitors
Domestic famous brands including standard, leap, Zoje, work, Southern China, day, gem, Jack, Yu, North Phenix, hailing the etc.
International brands including heavy machine, brother, Du Kepu Alford, Gerber, Rick, Pegasus, and large, sunstar, Tajima, island Seiki, Bai Fu, Kai Cheung, high forest, Wei Jie, Kawakami, ZSK, PGM, YKK, R&T, Esther, organ, Hirose, Zuo Wen, the new machine and so on
CISMA2007 brings together both inside and outside the sewing industry leading enterprises, on behalf of the China Sewing machinery industry 's strongest line-up and the highest level.
State / region Pavilion
Many domestic and foreign enterprises, national region Pavilion overall appearance of CISMA2005, domestic group units including the Jiangsu Provincial Light Industry Association of sewing equipment industry branch, Wujiang City Guan Ping sewing machine parts Association, Dongyang City, Zhejiang Province Haimen sewing needle system association.
International pavilions including Germany, Japan, Korea group group group, Hongkong group, Taipei car business association.
It advocates innovation, eliminate fake
With China's accession to the WTO, Chinese government and industry associations have taken various measures, improve the public awareness of intellectual property rights, to formulate laws and regulations to punish for damage of intellectual property rights. China Sewing institute attaches great importance to this problem, in order to protect the international fair competition, maintain a good image of Chinese enterprises.
Exhibition scope
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