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Warm congratulations by ACAFA on the completely opening of the 11th Jinjiang footwear exposition.China

Release time:2011-09-29


        On the morning of 19, the Eleventh China ( Jinjiang) International Shoe Fair in Jinjiang SM International Plaza grand opening. From the country more than 20 provinces ( city, municipality) and 16 countries, regions and more than 400 well-known enterprises gathered in Jinjiang, in the economic winds flying passion, China shoes footwear network CEO Long Xiaojie and a number of rows of people attended this shoe fair.
Prestige gongs rang, golden silver dragon dance. The participants of the leaders, guests at home and abroad and the participating merchants shared the 20 minute opening banquet.
" This shoe Fair successfully held, will be at home and abroad for the shoe industry to strengthen cooperation and interaction, enhance the development of confidence, achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation provides a new opportunity, also will show the shoemaking industry's cutting-edge technology, fashion style and cultural connotation to provide a new platform." Vice governor Ye Shuangyu on behalf of the provincial government enthusiasm speech. He says, in the west side of the Straits two first district construction comprehensive advancement, common to cope with the international financial crisis under the new situation, the provincial Party committee, the provincial government and all levels of Party committees and governments have introduced a series of "promote growth, expanding domestic demand, adjusting structure, protecting people's livelihood " policy measure, for the majority of merchants at home and abroad especially is the vast number of Taiwan expand cooperation with Fujian to provide a broad market and unlimited business opportunities.
Ye Shuangyu also bring you a piece of good news: Quanzhou Jinjiang airport just after the State Council agreed to open to the outside world. This means that, in Fujian Province, the level of opening up a new promotion, cross-strait economic and trade cooperation and exchanges also have a new bridge.
To attend the opening ceremony of the leaders and guests are: the State Sports General Administration Deputy Director Wang Jun, China Council for the promotion of international trade, Wang Jinzhen of vice-chairman of Federation of Chinese Light Industry Senior Advisor Zhang Shanmei, vice-chairman of Federation of Chinese light industry Wang Shicheng, collaboration of Fujian stage Economy Promotion Association vice Director Zou Erjun, Ministry of Commerce Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Zone Fang Yu, deputy director of the office of the kingdom of Jordan Hachem Ambassador of ANN, Abdel Hamm, the Federal Republic of Nigeria Ambassador Barcelona, angstroms approximately, Chinese leather and shoemaking industry academy dean Yang Chengjie, China Leather Association vice president Li Yuzhong, Taiwan footwear industry association director Lin Zhao Jie; Quanzhou city leaders Xu Gang, Zhu Ming Fu, Lin Rong, round, Huang Shaoping, Wu Hanmin, Liao Xiaojun, Yang Yimin, Chen Rongzhou and Jinjiang, the team leader.
The National People's Congress, Jinjiang shoe industry association president Ding Zhizhong, a member of the CPPCC National Committee, vice president of the All-China Youth Federation, the Macao Special Administrative Region, members of the Legislative Council of Macao Golden Dragon Group Chairman Ming-Jin Chen, Philippines Jinjiang town of Union Township Association delegation instructor Chen Zuchang, Hongkong far East Development Company Limited Executive Director Qiu Dacheng, SM group vice chairman Shi horn in the opening ceremony.
The opening ceremony was held on second Jinjiang city shoe culture creative animation contest, the third China Shoes Capital ( Jinjiang) cross-strait college sports shoes design competition awards ceremony, the Chinese shoes are" ten best footwear suppliers" as well as the 2009 Jinjiang city shoe industry" skills team" and" top technical experts " award ceremony.
Jinjiang city mayor Li Jianhui presided over the opening ceremony.
After ten years of grounding, shoe Fair has become the domestic and foreign footwear industry trade and economic cooperation an important platform for the exchange, to become the leading industry development trend of the important window. Despite the economic winter, but this shoe fair but warm, exhibitors and procurement of the number of customers did not" shrink", on the contrary, more shoe business confidence, want to pass this opportunity to capture development good luck.
" During the economic downturn, everybody is the ratio of science and technology and innovation. We show the shoes are mostly new machines or after technological transformation." Italy reputation over the group of Fujian shoemaking limited company sales executive Eugene Yue said, they have entered 6 years in a row shoe fair, for this year's show is also full of confidence.

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(一)The opening scene:

China shoes Tang Weixiong in the opening scene

China shoes Tan Kun in the opening ceremony and the Chinese women's volleyball coach Mr. Chen Zhonghe photo

(二)ACAFA site:Full of people



 (三) 企业合影

Baiyun District of Guangzhou Footwear Association President Li Jianxiang, Secretary Liu Xiaohong, Guangdong Province shoe industry association chairman Chen Jianxiong in the booth and the shoes CEO Long Xiaojie photo.

The CEO  of ACFCA Mr. Long Xiaojie in the member companies South ( Dongguan) precision automation equipment limited company booth and general manager Mr. Wang Jingwen, Xu Hao car Mr. Zhang Guozhi photo

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