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warm congratulations by Dongguan ZhengNan on the completely ended of IPS&RSS

Release time:2011-09-29

(一)World footwear brand in Dongguan.

Seminar on 
Guest photo
       26-27 day in March, by the United States apparel and Footwear Association ( AAFA ), American Apparel & Footwear Association ( ACAFA ), Guangzhou Footwear Association, Guangdong Province shoe industry association, Dongguan city leather footwear industry association jointly sponsored the " international product safety & RSL Seminar" held at the Sheraton Hotel in Dongguan houjie. On the meeting, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission ( CPSC ) and Nike, Puma, Wal-Mart and other industry experts, brand retail commercial treaty more than 500 people attended the meeting and answer questions. The conference will focus on the latest product safety regulations, the meeting will also discuss the manufacturers, dealers and laboratory how to do to ensure compliance with all standards from the supply chain. It is reported, in addition to Dongguan, the seminar will also in March 30-31 day held at the Four Points & Suites Calgary West Hotel in Hangzhou.
Break out of an encirclement imminent footwear
Review the history, 2008 is Chinese shoe line of business more difficult year. Especially the Pearl River Delta enterprises shoes, mostly in the processing trade export enterprises facing this year, the international economic situation, raw material cost, labor cost is climbed ceaselessly litre, devaluation of the U.S. dollar, the United States recession; domestic RMB appreciation, rising labor costs as well as the" labor contract law" the implementation of. The "world factory " that the Guangdong Province, is in the crisis facing great pressure, the second half of some small and medium processing shoe factories closed down many. The Dongguan manufacturing industry base, many large size shoes factory, and the shoe industry chain on the lower reaches of many related enterprises also face pressure. How to expand the domestic market, how to break through the bottleneck? These have become many domestic enterprises shoes imminent problem to be solved.
Challenges and opportunities coexist. As the financial crisis deepened, Guangdong footwear to Europe and the United States developed markets such as the export of a certain degree of decline, but to the Middle East, Africa and Southeast, Latin America and other emerging markets, exports still presents growth trend trend. According to the Guangzhou customs statistics show that in 2009, 1 to February, Guangdong footwear export to these markets showed varying degrees of growth, exports to ASEAN amounted to more than 7200 dollar, than last year the corresponding period grows 2 times; in the Middle East and Africa market grow respectively 64% and 75%. " Despite the economic crisis, the business is done hard, Dongguan Houjie shoe has been hit, but I know many shoe enterprises boss or profit, but profit less than usual. We believe that, in the countries ' expanding domestic demand ' and a series of policies to stimulate, Dongguan footwear export situation in the second half will pick up." American Apparel & Footwear Association Secretary Gon Freecss said China dragon.
World footwear brand to meet in Dongguan Houjie, explore again restricted substances
06 years in September 21st by the United States apparel and Footwear Association, American Apparel & Footwear Association, Guangzhou Footwear Association jointly sponsored the first Restricted Substances Seminar in Dongguan, Sheraton Le Grand Large Hotel is held, as the first restricted substances seminar, that attracted including Nike, Puma, Hanesbrands, H&M and other international well-known brands of attention, from Europe and the United States brands, procurement and even reached more than 200 people, but also brings together the world's top detection mechanism, is a domestic the most professional industry event.
In March 26th 09, the second Restricted Substances Seminar kicked off again, this the seminar for the footwear industry was created with the industry's top brands, traders, procurement and the American and Chinese officials meet opportunity, is a world class brand gathers, manufacturers and traders face-to-face event, more characteristic is a world brand gathering in Dongguan. Here, the meeting of the world famous brands including Levi 's, Nike, puma ( PUMA ) ( NIKE ), Aokang Group, other traders as well as footwear industry well-known enterprises including sent Naumont, Wal-Mart ( Wal-Mart ), Lee Wei, Chen group, Simona shoe factory, YKK, Intertek, SGS etc..
This second conference on restricted substances. In Europe, the United States and the rest of the world some of the major trade center and production places, this has gradually developed a series of new regulations and standards, they recommend using the standard chemicals. Retailers have always required manufacturers to track their production of the materials used, to ensure that the production of clothing and shoes without any hazardous substance hazard. In view of this, this second the seminar for restricted substances to do in-depth discussion.
On the site of Dongguan
Product safety concern
Sanlu milk powder incident, more and more consumers and government departments concerned in all aspects of basic necessities of life of all kinds and people's life is closely related to the problem of product safety.
In the past year, the media has focused on various consumer issues. The United States Congress and many state legislators have been considered and decided to adopt the new consumer product safety laws in response to these problems. But these for apparel and footwear industry and what it means? Children's clothing and other apparel footwear company will face many unnecessary and burdensome regulations? Or the new regulations as they provide clear guidelines? For the Chinese footwear manufacturers, the United States government" Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act stipulated in the" restricted substances list which to have? How to meet product safety standards? Overview on retailers suppliers are required? Manufacturers, distributors and laboratory how to do to ensure compliance with the supply chain all the standard? In view of the above problems, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission ( CPSC ) and Nike, Levi ' s, Wal-Mart and other industry experts attended the meeting and answer questions.
Retail industry outlook
Although the United States government has in the" Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act" to establish a product safety management framework, retailers are still in the development of their own safety standard. The discussion will be focused on the following aspects: retailers need? Why do they need different product safety standards? Why and how to meet these requirements? Gallery, Levi Stauss & Co Dr Kitty Man professor gave us a detailed answers. He is mentioned, in the newly introduced" the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act" in developed restricted substances list, for the protection of consumers, workers and the environment, retailers must abide by it; according to different country specific product safety laws and regulations and different types of products, the environment also has different restricted substances list; it is must comply with the policy, is not a consultation request, because it relates to the whole supply chain, once non-compliance or does not meet the requirements of restricted substances list, would be in violation of the law. For the completion and meet these standards, requirements, Dr . Kitty ManF ARIS, retailers have to the company to develop a restricted substances list implementation plan, according to the plan, examination, carry on the processing.
Levi Stauss & Co. Dr. Kitty Man
Wal-Mart on supplier requirements
Wal-Mart ( Wal-Mart ) Edwin Keh at this meeting on a retailer's request, he also puts forward industry retailers most attention is its supplier expectations, also on Wal-Mart to build the product safety requirements. It is understood, Wal-Mart in the world there are 351 chain stores in China, the target area in the 2010 construction and development of new energy consumption is less than 40% of the marketing store, for 2010 when the existing store energy consumption decreased by 30%, all stores water use reduction 50%; 2013 33% to reduce the Wal-Mart Global chain of plastic shopping bag. Therefore, Edwin Keh ( Wal-Mart ) is presented, the supplier must on environmental social responsibility in the global scope, target construction with high values of the sustainable supply chain - - - - - the environmental and social responsibility. If the supplier with Wal-Mart fulfill responsibility commitment to supply source, Wal-Mart will of these suppliers for investment or reward. Modify the supplier agreement to the terms of the agreement, accurate without objection, provisions: suppliers of goods manufacturers must comply with the relevant applicable law. With the same industry collaboration, unified standards of business ethics and environmental revision process and standards. From a public database screening and eliminate do not meet environmental requirements of the manufacturer.
(Wal-Mart) Edwin Keh
The other guest speakers:
       PUMA AG. Bergson Wang                                     Sean Cady,P.E.,MBA.Levi Strauss & Co
      Pou Chen Group.Thomas Chen         Dr.Jean-Pierre Haug. Coo.TESTEX-Swiss Textile Testing Institute
                                Owen Jones .Consumer Testing Laboratories                 Andrew B.Schroth. Grunfeld,Desiderio,Lebowitz,Silverman & Klestadt LLP
AAFA secretary-general Li Suiying ( left in front of Zuo Si ), Gon Freecss ( ACAFA secretary at the front right one ) and speakers take photo
(二)Clothing, footwear enterprises gather in Hangzhou West Lake mountain
Hangzhou Conference
In March 26-27 held in Dongguan the first international product safety and restricted substances seminar, March 30-31 day, clothing, footwear enterprises gather in Hangzhou West Lake mountain, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission ( CPSC ) and Nike, Puma, Wal-Mart and other industry experts attended again, in-depth study of the United States of America 's latest Product Safety Act and regulations, as well as manufacturer and retailers need what, and how to meet these standards.
In 2008 November, the United States of America New Product Safety Act was established, the bill would further strengthen consumer goods especially authorized a children's product safety management. The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission ( CPSC ) Marry F Torot said:" the product does not comply with the law mandatory safety standards or ban, when the standard is not practicable, ban products, and violation of mandatory standard products will be confiscated; with the progress in the jurisdiction of the defective product release recall. These regulations, any person if the deliberate violation of the relevant provisions, each violation will be subject to a civil penalty of $100000, a series of violations of the highest civil fines of $15000000".
New product safety act is very strict, manufacturers and retailers to ask, how to reach the higher standard? Marry F. Torot points out, is only aware of and comply with product safety regulations, notify all supply chain to safety issues, product repeatedly test, so as to better avoid things happen.
Product safety problem has been the government, news media and consumer attention, so follow the" Product Safety Act" is socially and environmentally responsible!
The guest speaker:
  AAFA .STEPHEN E. LAMAR                                     Levi Stauss & Co. Dr. Kitty Man
                     Ken  Lanshe .Procurement,Wal-Mart Stores.Inc              Owen Jones .Consumer Testing Laboratories 
                        Pou Chen Group.Thomas Chen                                        Sean Cady,P.E.,MBA.Levi Strauss & Co

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