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Shoe tycoon bao cheng went to jiangxi again what?

Release time:2018-09-14

Yang xiaodong, general manager of global shoe giant baocheng group, visited pingxiang, jiangxi province on August 29. What to invest in?

Yang xiaodong, general manager of global shoe giant baocheng group, visited pingxiang, jiangxi province on August 29.
Personally, I think it is unlikely to invest in a shoe factory.
As of April this year, he mingkun, the executive assistant of baocheng, revealed:
In the first half of 2017, the output of each shoemaking base of baocheng group was 46% in Vietnam, 35% in Indonesia, 17% in mainland China, and 2% in other regions (including myanmar, Cambodia and Bangladesh).
In the first half of this year, its shoe production bases accounted for 46% in Vietnam, 37% in Indonesia, 15% in mainland China and 2% in other regions.
Baocheng said that after the benefit of the expansion of its factories in myanmar and Cambodia was gradually shown, the proportion of the group's shoe production in other regions could be reduced to more than 3 percent or even higher, contributing to the growth of the group's revenue.
That is to say:
Baocheng's orders for shoes in China have fallen from 17 percent last year to 15 percent in the first half of 2018.
What exactly are you investing in?

"On August 29, Yang xiaodong, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee and mayor of baocheng international group and chief representative of the Beijing representative office, met with li jianghe, deputy general manager of baocheng international group and visiting laiping, and the two sides had an in-depth communication and exchange. Baocheng international group executive assistant, yuyuan innovation and entrepreneurship public welfare fund deputy director guo renjie, deputy mayor xiao shuangyan attended the discussion.
During the discussion, li gave a warm welcome to Yang xiaodong and his delegation for visiting ping.
Pingxiang has always been an important industrial town and one of the earliest birthplace of national industry in China, he said. With unique location and convenient transportation, especially after the completion of xia-chongqing high-speed railway, it will become a veritable high-speed railway hub, deeply integrated into the Yangtze river delta, pearl river delta and fujian delta economic circle, and the development prospect is very promising. Good ecological environment and rich tourism resources; The city is open and open, the market is active and the private economy prospers. In recent years, the industrial transformation and upgrading presented a good trend by optimizing the industrial structure.
Li hoped that the two sides could form consensus on project cooperation through further exchanges. The municipal party committee and municipal government will create an excellent business environment, provide first-class services and promote win-win cooperation.

Yang xiaodong expressed thanks to pingxiang municipal party committee and government for their warm reception, and briefly introduced the development process and current situation of baocheng group. Pingxiang city environment takes on a new look, city development quality rises a step again, let Yang xiaodong see pingxiang municipal party committee, municipal government leadership's vigor and bearing.
Yang xiaodong highly praised the cultural atmosphere and investment environment of wupi town. He believed that wupi is a good place for enterprise investment and development because of its fast development speed and excellent ecological environment. , he says, the expedition for yue yuen international group, expand the more business opportunities, the town party committee government welfare for the people heart and soul, and strengthened their confidence, investment in the future will further five vicious and strengthen communication and contact, to seek cooperation opportunities to achieve substantive progress, strive for an early in five vicious investment and achieve mutual benefit and win-win."
360,000 employees worldwide

The group has 360,000 employees, according to baocheng. Among them, the number of employees of the factory in Vietnam is the highest in the group, followed closely by the factory in Indonesia, making the factory in Vietnam and Indonesia become the two major shoemaking bases of the group.
In particular, significant investments will continue to be made in automation, technology applications, optimizing production processes, and process reengineering to enhance the group's shoe manufacturing capacity and hence its revenue and profitability.

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