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The Mingling Industrial Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is the earliest most professional manufacturer of computerized pattern sewing machine and engaged in the R & D.
 The Mingling industrial computerized pattern sewing machine Co., Ltd., formerly known as the the Minghui computerized Sewing machine, founded in 1996, is a Top Ten private enterprise specialized in R & D and manufacturing of computer pattern sewing machine. The company has independent electronic R & D department, mechanical design department, production department, marketing department, and after-sales service department, to improve customers’s production efficiency, reduce production costs, improve the competitiveness of enterprises solutions.

The Mingling computerized pattern sewing machine with ordinary sewing machine biggest difference is that the whole process of the ordinary sewing machines rely on  personnel operating skills, but the computer pattern sewing machine only requires four steps: input pattern ,put the material, put down the clamp frame and push the pedal.  No matter how complicated the pattern can be a one-time perfect sewing, anyone can in a very short period of time skillfully operate the machine.

   Mingling pattern sewing machine can help to save manpower, reduce scrap, improve quality, increase productivity, improve customer satisfaction, in order to achieve the purpose of improving the company's competitiveness.
  The Mingling pattern sewing machine with the speed 2500 r / min, stitch distance, 0.1mm-12.7mm, stable and high-speed sewing anything you want synchronized patterns (including straight lines, curves, rectangles, squares round, herringbone,  herringbone cross-shaped complex graphics, rules and irregular polygons, etc.). Pattern design, you only need to design input time can be stored permanently in the internal memory or your USB disk to facilitate to carry and use in other Mingling machine.

   The product uses a direct-drive servo motor, direct-drive servo motor stable and accurate, to ensure that every single stitch length consist to perfect the pattern.

      The clamp frame tightly pressed down with pneumatic pressure and not let the material to move, in simple machine material pressed with hand can’t  sewing work with accuracy. Clamp frame height rance4mm-100mm. You can sew thick material maximum  thickness10mm.

   Mingling pattern sewing machine with automatic stop, automatic thread trimmer, automatic loosen thread, automatically move thread, automatic lift presser foot function, easy operation, suitable for all kinds of fabric uppers, trademark, handbags, luggage, jeans, sports equipment zipper, strap, gift, travel, supplies, Velcro, belts, plastic, sporting goods, stationery, non-woven fabrics, such as pattern sewing.

The Mingling Corporation always care for the customer’s demands , always  create the best suitable pattern tricks. To let customer on low cost to buy the most practical computerized pattern sewing machine.

   Mingling computerized pattern one set sewing machine can save five persons labor and comparison with the simple sewing machine five times more production efficiency.
Mingling computerized pattern sewing machine motto:

We focus on just one thing


  If you need more information we warmly welcome you to consult.

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