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Home Footwear Product details

      Direct drive


      Fine stitchs,reliable floriation sewing 

      Maximum sewing speed 2700 neddle /min (using the 3.5mm stitch)

      Powerful needle penetration force

      And low power consumption, economic utility

      Use a double stage clamp easily to locate the material

High-speed sewing and beautiful stitch, realizes the fastest sewing speed in the world, while energy saving achieve excellent sewing quality and production efficiency.

Beautiful stitch sewing

Because of falling needle accurately, equipment can sew fine parallel lines and positive 
stitch. UseThe servo control and steel improved cloth feeding device, so you can sew a 
high precision pattern, i.e.The high-speed sewing or sewing thick material, also won't 
happened fine stitching, and aviod to bad stitchAnd deviation problem.

Highest  sewing speed 2700stitches/min using stitch (3.5mm)

Achieved using 3.5mm stitch sewing 2700 / min high-speed sewing. Due to the adoption of the mingling 
Corporation the original direct drive servo motor, starting / stopping reaction faster. Compared with the 
traditional model of mechanical operation time shortened by about 28%, the production efficiency is improved.

Increased high penetration force

Compared with the traditional model, the use of servo motor more stronger than motor (550W).
Even in the low-speed sewing can get strong penetration force, and sewing to the thick materials can be successfully.

Low power consumption

Computer direct drive type mechanical system uses a motor with high efficiency and energy saving, can reduce the transmission process. Compared with the traditional model, the power consumption is reduced about 15% compared with the market similar sewing models, this equipment is the lowest power consumption of computer decoration, and realizes high-speed sewing and strong high speed sewing machine with high penetration force.

Easily and accurately positioning of cloth

Set a double step clamp, clamp can be stop and suspended in the middle position, and then down to the lowest point. Can set up a suitable height in the middle position, can quickly and accurately positioning the material. This can be reduce the extra operation caused by the positioning error of the sewing matter, saving the total cycle time during sewing.

Easily transformation of sewing pattern

Simple to change clamp 

Remove the 4 screws to replaced clamp, also can be installed to the accurate position rapidly.

Accurate positioning in order to change the feed plate

According to the reference of the feeding plate to the bottom plate hole,the feeding plate easily 
cna fix on the bottom  plate, tighten the bolts to complete the installation. Accurate positioning of plate can be conveniently fix up.

Set to large capacity of memory

The sewing machine can be stored in the memory of large amounts of data (512 patterns, 500000 stitches *). Every time you can change pattern without reloading the sewing pattern. In addition, the CF card (Compact Flash) flash memory card with to the storage media, read and write speed, large amounts of data can be copied or transferred to other sewing machine or electric copy or transfer to other sewing machine or computer fo data management.

PD3000*,-Large and simple color crystal operation panel

~ Based on the icon and command, easily create sewing data.
~ Sewing data can be created while inspection. Can display comments, shape, horizontal and vertical dimensions and the sewing pattern stitches.
~ Sewing data list and sewing pattern shape at the same time, can easily copy or transfer of sewing data. This editor is suitable for sewing data management.
~ Can confirm the memory switch instructions and value setting
~ Supported languages are English, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, French, German, Portuguese, Turkish, Vietnamese and Japanese.

Environmental  protection concept   

Ming Ling company created "green label", carries on the classification to meet ISO14021 international industry standards and JIS Q14021 Japan industry standard products. MLK-342G meets this standard.These two models are environmental protection product, because "the use of direct drive system, achieve the industry's highest energy level", "the use of lead-free solder" and reduce the"packaging materials "and so on, is to protect the earth's environment sewing machine.

To realize low tension stable sewing

Servo control of high steel material feeding device, synchronization high degree of needle bar / take-up device, can be carried out under the condition of low tension of upper and bottom  thread sewing.

The overlapping part eventhough in material, also can make the bottom thread tightness consistent.

Can easily enter a number on operation panel and set the pressure foot height. According to the 
thickness of the material set up appropriate height of pressure foot and prevent the excessive or 
in sufficient pressure foot operation , so that the bottom thread tightness consistent.The use of PD-3000* programmer can set the middle height of pressure foot in sewing data.Pressure foot height setting can be changed according to the material thickness.

Without tilting the machine head can be adjusted by driving a needle guard 

No need to tilt the machine head, can be easily adjusted by driving needle guard.
No need to tilt the machine head, also can adjust machine between the  needle and hook point.

A wide field of vision is clearly visible

Due to not installed presser foot arm support plate, so that a wide field of vision is clearly visible, also make the sewing inspection and fabric positioning also more simple.


Flat Seam

2-time hook

Sewing Area



Thread wiper

Highest sewing speed

Air pressure




0.05 - 12.7mm



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