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ML-5 Fully Automatic gluing folding machine

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ML-5 Fully Automatic gluing folding machine

ML - 5 automatic gluing folding machine is on the basis of the original ML - 3 models to improve, fully using the latest electronic technology and tilting force.Mingling company independent research and development, the control system has full intellectual property rights, reinforcing transportation agency have access to the national utility model patent certificate.
The following article points to introduce the machine function and features:
* the servo motor to replace the original common, make smooth speed up to 3000 / min.
* the machine control system with upgrade port, can enjoy our latest update feature.
* infrared induction speed control, a straight line can be changed according to kind of intelligent material, turn the optimum operating speed.
* 10 period of electronic control the quantity of glue, can adjust at will according to need the glue quantity size.
The inside of * mouth automatically play scissors.
* double-frequency touch in both English and Chinese color, level 3 page design.Key reaction rate in 0.1 seconds.
* automatically transform interval.
* electronic adjustment presser foot lifting capacity, to avoid the mechanical operation for the inconvenience.
* bend automatic promotion function, the lack of effective compensation in turn margin.
* automatic transmission reinforcing belt, through the perfect ratio of stepping motor and servo motor coordination, reinforcing with relaxed smooth stick above the main ingredient of the shop.

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