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MLK-HX1510A Automatic Smart Linedraw Marking Machine

Home Footwear Product details

The automatic smart linedraw marking machine is an automatic equipment for marking line on the shoe upper that is developed by MingLing technology. The purpose is to replace the traditional shoe's making craft, such as the silver strike line and the screen printing. There are numerous defects in the manual drawing of silver pen. First of all, it needs a lot of labor and labor costs. Secondly, the manual drawing line is inefficient and inaccurate. Thirdly, silver pen' consumables are great in the end, the silver pen is directly exposed to the drawing line, the tip is easy to hook the material, and some special materials cannot even be marked with silver strokes. Screen printing also has numerous shortcomings. First, screen printing is inefficient Secondly, the consumables are huge Third, the labor cost is high, the printing worker is difficult to recruit; Finally, screen printing causes environmental pollution.

The automatic smart linedraw marking machine is specially designed for the defects of silver brushwork and screen printing. The machine has high linedrawing speed and efficiency. Using the sharp definition industrial camera combined with the world's leading camera positioning image recognition technology, a large plane image is made, automatically identifying the material profile and the bad parts, and accurately positioned the drawing line graphics. With the programmed upper and lower feeding device, the worker simply places the vamp in the machine at will, and the image recognition system can automatically and accurately locate and execute the drawing line task.

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